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About www.airsoftpaintballmask.com

In November 2008, while we were playing airsoft. One of our groups came my home and shows a airsoft mask and paintball mask that he bought from the internet. As we are artist, we see it looking good but we thought we can do it better by design and painting. We started learning about what is the best material for making the mask. As the result, we found that fiberglass and grade A Kevlar is the best way because it’s strong and long lived than other material. Then we were trying to make many design of our airsoft mask and paintball mask but the most popular mask is Salem and Rios from Army of Two mask !!!  We developed many various painting design as you can see from this link “Army of Two mask for sale” We have almost 100 painting design for now. We stared first sale on eBay since Jan 09, 2009 and got really really good feedback from customer. Many people requested us to do many custom work but we can did only “Kabuki mask” and “Mortal Kombat mask” because we have too busy with order we get per a day. But if you have some custom order, please feel free to contact us. If we have time, we promise we will do your project. Now a day, we sold more than 5,000 airsoft mask and paintball mask already. Thanks everyone for choosing us :)


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  1. Diggerliam01 says:

    It’s so nerve racking when your know you’re get the best mask but I’m still waiting on the second one expect it to come next week come on!

  2. 0219dflores says:

    I have not received my order number. When can I expect it so I can track my order?

    • airsoftpaintballmask says:

      I just got your payment today. I will ship your order in 48h. Please contact me again after Sat sir.

      Thank you

  3. nick says:

    where are you located?

  4. Yia says:

    How fast will it get here to the US?

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