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Posted by airsoftpaintballmask On June 18, 2012 20 COMMENTS

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  1. Josh says:

    These are the coolest masks I’ve ever seen!
    I’m surprised to not see a skull design besides the punisher.

  2. Roy says:

    2 quick things. First do we need to register to buy? And do all masks come in the option of small or large?

    • airsoftpaintballmask says:

      - yes sir, have to register first :)
      - Mask come with large that you can wear sir.


  3. Alex says:

    You should make one with spiderman(normal) and Venom

  4. Bailey Adams says:

    Hi I made an order and I didn’t create an account I got an email saying my order was complete the order comes up in track order dose it matter if I have an account or not

  5. boomslangcobra says:

    I need a tracking I.d for my order its under the email

  6. Skyler says:

    You do custom orders to right? How would someone go about that?

  7. sextnoise says:

    ok , so i ordered the ( S2 please stop me MA113 ) on june 3rd , asked for a tracking # on june 11th and then was told i was shipped the wrong mask and the correct mask would be re-shipped the upcoming weekend,its been a full week since that weekend and still haven’t received the mask or a tracking # for long until i will receive my mask?

  8. Brad says:

    Do any of the masks come with the polycarbonate lenses, or do you offer them extra?

  9. Veve says:

    Do you accept bank transfer for airsoft mask ?

  10. Dylan says:

    What shipping company did you use cause I never got any package

  11. Carlos Duarte Jr says:

    Can you make one with digital Camo in forest?

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