WARNING ! & About the masks

Posted by airsoftpaintballmask On June 26, 2012 61 COMMENTS

Warning !!!!!!!!!!!

Now there is some bad guy who copy my picture and fake to be me. He opens another website. If you buy from that website, you will lose your money and get nothing!!!   You can trust this website becasue we are seller on eBay also. We do business about masks on eBay since 2008 ,and we sold the masks more than 2000 masks to worldwide. Below is our eBay account that you can check we are REAL by “Youtube” in all listing that show the link to this website only!

Our eBay ID : tripple_777



About the masks

Color : Follow the picture. Color is hard to damage while you playing in the field. Fine with all season and cleanable.

Size :  7.4 Wide 10 High 6 Deep (Inch) enough to clover your ears. We provide the flexible foam that cover with too soft fabric inside all mask ,so the mask can adjustable to match with your physical face.

Weight : Rios  masks light weight only 0.42 – 0.45 kg. (not included padding inside)
Salem  masks light weight only 0.38 – 0.40 kg. (not included padding inside)

Material : Made from high quality exterior Strongest Kevlar Fiberglass that used in car and ship business. Our mask made by professinal artis that have experience more than 10 years with fiberglass so can make all masks smooth and same standard quality with every piece.

Eyes : We provide Clear Poly carbonate lens 2mm that always used in paintball game & Steel mesh that you can choose what you prefer (please let us know that which type of eyes protection you want after you bought the mask. If not, we will ship your mask with polycabonate lens). Vision 85-90 % as human’s eyes.

Airflow & Fog free : All masks have airflow and fog free system below eyes and around your nose. It’s small and difficult to see. Moreover, all padding inside the mask. We design to help reducing fog up also.

Straps : All masks provide 6 point straps that adjustable to your perfect fit, so the mask is fit as you want and doesn’t annoy you while you’re in the battle field.

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  1. paul says:

    were do the masks get shipped from

  2. darkmagicol says:


  3. joey says:

    Is that website legit?

  4. CW says:

    I ordered the smiley mask over 14 days ago and still have not received a shipping confirmation number. I have also sent a few emails in which I received no response.

  5. Cameron says:

    How do I set up an account to be able to order a mask?

    • airsoftpaintballmask says:

      Just be my member sir. If you have any problem, I will send you and invoice directly to your paypal account. Please let me know that which method you prefer ?


  6. Ric says:

    I ordered a mask from etsy.com is that an approved website?

    • airsoftpaintballmask says:

      I’m so sorry for delay reply. My website have a little bit problem that cannot reply any message but now we solved it already. However, etsy site is one of mind. Don’t sorry sir :)

  7. Nvshocker says:

    If I order from this website, how long will the mask take to get to canada?

    • airsoftpaintballmask says:

      I’m so sorry for delay reply. My website have a little bit problem that cannot reply any message but now we solved it already. However, it will take time around 11-21 days to your country sir.


  8. Dev dawg says:

    Is this site, legit? What’s the other fake site so I don’t buy from them?

    • airsoftpaintballmask says:

      Yes sir, this is real site. The fake site is “airsoftmasks dot net” That bad guy copy my picture and fake other people to be me.

  9. Nicole says:

    If I ordered it today how long will it take to get to me in water state?

  10. daryl says:

    do you sell on http://www.ioffer.com cause i just ordered the punisher mask

  11. mic leger says:

    Hey can you list your websites as I bought a mask an am worried I got screwed please lemme know if the site I bought from is one of yours I assume it is

  12. Albert says:

    What’s the Airflow & Fog Free System do & how does it work? Where exactly is it placed?

  13. Guy from places says:

    Dang your masks are incredibly cool

  14. sextnoise says:

    I ordered a mask from here a week ago and still haven’t received a tracking # or anything.

  15. Adam says:

    Well, never got tracking info…but I did get my mask, and it’s excellent. This site is legit.

  16. sextnoise says:

    its been 17 days since I have placed my order, I still haven’t received my package. how much longer do i have to wait?

  17. Reaper says:

    I ordered my package a week ago and havent received it yet how long does it take to get to AZ.

  18. Danishangel says:

    How long does it take to ship to denmark

  19. Chloe says:

    Playing airsoft had been my hobby for the last few years. I really enjoy all the different configurations and model of firarms. I am also an afficionado on airsoft accesory, i really like it.

  20. Collin says:

    What is my tracking number? The order number was 2747.

  21. frank gutierrez says:

    Hello i think your guys masks are really bad ass looking and i was just wondering if they can be used as motorcycle face masks? Also if not i wanted to ask if you had any masks with a wider view kinda like the save phace mask i just think your company has way nicer designs and really want to purchase a few if the view from the mask are good enough for a motorcycle.thanks for your time

  22. Dylan says:

    Hello, I ordered a mask off this website and a kimono off of etsy and haven’t got a confirmation email for the mask yet. I’m just worried and wanted to make sure my order was going through

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