Army of Two Airsoft/Paintball Mask

Posted by airsoftpaintballmask On March 4, 2014 122 COMMENTS

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  1. Chad says:

    Just got my mask today! looks INCREDIBLE! Thanks so much!

  2. hawaii says:

    could you do like a hawaiian tribal design? jus askin..

  3. hawaii says:

    love ur designs.. there sick

  4. Looking to get my hands on one of these masks…they look so sick

  5. John says:

    Is the glass on the mask safe? If I buy this product will bb pellets be able to break or possibly hit my eyes? Just wondering

  6. John says:

    Just watched this video:
    Made me had doubt on buying it.

  7. Danny says:

    Hey I live in bangkok how long would it take to ship to here at nichiada?

  8. Paul says:

    Just wondering if you do custom jobs? And how much they would be?

  9. Buck says:

    Do you ship your badass masks to Switzerland ?

  10. [...] Army of Two Airsoft/Paintball Mask [...]

  11. Jay says:

    i have two questions. Witch are the mask with the glass for the mask and are they anti-fog. How can i know that the payment and the delivery are safe. thanks.

  12. devin says:

    I have some custom mask ideas if your able to do it

  13. Margarito says:

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  14. Beasy says:


  15. Derek Parks says:

    hey I ordered my mask a while ago and it has been 14 days since I received a confirmation email. It is shipping to Wichita Kansas USA. Can you let me know where it might be? the email I used originally has since temporarily stopped working. Thanks for any help you can give

    • airsoftpaintballmask says:

      follow above website. Choose “post/EMS” then track it. Choose Thailand then put your number and track it again. If you want to know that parcel reached to your country or not yet, choose “ Select country” then choose your country and track it. I see parcel reached your country since 14 Oct already.


  16. sias says:

    with some of your masks they say limited quantity, once sold out will you ever be re-making and reselling them? do you still leave the one’s out of stock and ones you don’t planned to re-making on the web site and if so is it possible to request you to re-make a sold out mask, i’m willing to play extra.

    ( at this point in time i am only looking around but in the near future i would like to start a collection of these awesome masks)

    • airsoftpaintballmask says:

      Yes I can remake the mask sir

      • Sias says:

        Cool, so no masks get removed from your website? And with requests do that get added to the website too or are they exclusive one of a kind? And in your opinion which of the two eyes is better for use with sniper scopes?

  17. Hugo says:

    you have the smiley mask but in yellow or white/black

  18. Taylor says:

    Do you ship to South Africa?

  19. Salems Reincarnate says:

    Hey i saw some of your masks and was wondering if your still accepting custom orders? I really want one that looks like the skullcandy one from the devils cartel.

  20. luke says:

    whats the protection like? Also hows visibility? Was thinking of using this as a biking helmet too but looks like you cant see much and wouldnt offer much protection in a fall… am i wrong?

  21. Dave says:


    Still haven’t got any news concerning my Costum Venom mask request, been almost 1 month now, no response by email nor here!


  22. Max Fattoruso says:

    How long should I expect the mask to take to arrive at my home? ( USA )

  23. kody says:

    Get back to me when you can thanks

  24. Sam Hardy says:

    Hello Sir I was wondering if you would be able to do a style like the MA96 with the glossy finish but in black with blue flames.

  25. Austin says:

    Hey i was wondering if u could do a custom mask for me?

  26. kody says:

    I got my mask about a month or 2 ago an noticed that one of the rivets are loose I was woundering what I do

  27. kody says:

    Do i send it back in or can I fix it?

  28. kody says:

    Thanm you sir

  29. Me says:

    Please don’t ever stop making these masks, they are amazing dude. I love your work
    ~ Greetings

  30. Chad says:

    Was wondering if you guys would make an unpainted mask as i want to do my own paint job and design, i would still like the rough beat up look just unpainted

  31. Jason says:

    I want to know if you guys could make a certain mask for me?

  32. Me says:

    Im very interested in buying a mask so please reply to me as soon as possible if you are still selling and if theres a way to change the color on masks? and do you have different eye covers?

  33. Bryan says:

    What are the masks made of and I love your designs

  34. Josh says:

    I got a quick question. In army of two devils cartel rios had that cool mask with the gold teeth on the side. Would it be possible to do that ? Because I’d love to own that mask and nobody seems to have that one

  35. Lukas says:

    Hi, I really love your designs and I’m a big fan of “Army of Two” guys. Do you ship to Slovak Republic? Really would love to have my hands on one of these masterpieces. Ty

  36. JM says:

    Is there lens included in the price?

  37. JM says:

    Is the device CAN or USD because I’m from Quebec Canada

  38. JM says:

    Is the device CAN or USD

  39. ChaosReaper says:

    Hey i’ve got two questions:
    First, do u ship to germany?
    Second, is it possible for u to create a special mask for a costumer? For example, if i’d ask u for a mask with tears, different big eyes and no mouth, could u create one and send it to me?
    Thanks for ur answers :-)
    Greetings from germany!

  40. ChaosReaper says:

    u mean u could sell one of the masks here in other coloures, which were chosen by the costumer, sir?

  41. Remington Anderson says:

    I like the green mushroom head but the color it to light I was hoping if I could get a darker green or a darkish grey with the red disigns still on it

  42. Josh says:

    Can you please reply to me on whether or not you can make an army digital mask that is big enough to cover my ears cause I have a big head. I would really appreciate it

  43. James says:

    1) Do the clear LENs fog? If so, I’d prefer to purchase the screen and where goggles underneath so this is a need to know before ordering!

    2) Will you allow me to purchase a set of both clear LENs and Screen LENs to swap out myself?

  44. James says:

    Fair enough, I have the Yellow Smiley with Screen mesh and received a knock-off previously from a different seller with clear lens eyes that fogged up quite badly.

    I have plans to order multiple masks for multiple people and would like to purchase both sets of lens to swap out for my friends preference will you do this/are the lens swappable? I see that you can take them out by undoing the screws but I don’t know if that creates any issues.

  45. James says:

    I will pay $10 extra each mask for the spare pair of LENS, is this ok?

  46. Dooku says:

    Which would you prefer for best comofort, lens or the steel mesh?

  47. Bardzo ciekawe ujęcie tematu. Niestety nie mogę zgodzić się ze wszystkimi stwierdzeniami.

  48. tytuł says:

    Hmmm czy tak jest nie wiem do końca. Autor chyba nie do końca uwzględnił wszystkie istotne kwestie…

  49. Joe says:

    Can I get a tracking number that will work?

    • airsoftpaintballmask says:


      Above is your tracking number and I shipped your order by USPS.

      Thank you

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