Kabuki Airsoft Mask

Posted by airsoftpaintballmask On March 4, 2014 37 COMMENTS

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  1. Olivia says:

    Your Kabuki Masks are amazing!

  2. Mike says:

    I ordered my mask 6 days ago. How do I know if it’s been shipped?

  3. 50 Blessings says:

    Could you do one that’s like the white one, only red?

  4. Diaz says:

    Can you make the half masks have a stone look, with maybe enlarging the fangs for a more aggressive look.?

  5. Eddie says:

    hello there! I was wondering if you could make a lower half mask like the MA175we. White with bold red accents… i’d like to order one. Also, how sturdy is the material? Type? Thx

  6. Joseph says:

    Is it possible to do the same thing you did like the white with “blood mist” but on a black mask?

  7. Timothy Jie says:

    Do you ship world wide??

  8. Kevin says:

    Eta on tracking code? Made to order?

  9. Malik says:

    Hi just wondering if i could get a tracking number/id as i did not receive a confirmation email?

  10. Rosie Harrell says:

    Hi there ! I’m wondering if there are blank, unpainted Kabuki masks available for sale ? I love these masks endlessly and I’d love to get one and give it a custom paint job for myself, but I’d hate to buy one that is already painted and strip the paint (they look so nice, I’d feel so bad !)

  11. Hieu Cao says:

    Can you combine shipping?

  12. Prancer john says:

    Hello do you ship in the philippines?

  13. Hoang Hansson says:

    Hello! I have 2 questions i hope you could answer!
    First: do you ship to sweden?
    Second: if so how long is the estimated time of travel

  14. Bob Wang says:

    Hi, if I get a full mask, can I still wear a helmet?

  15. Oscar figueroa says:

    Hey I ordered 2 kabuki and oni demon mask orders #4202 & #4203 and I havent recieved them over 15 days do you know if they’re coming any time soon

    • airsoftpaintballmask says:


      Above are your tracking number and I shipped your orders by USPS. However, time frame is 15-28 days after shipping.

      Thank you

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